our services

CCI EDUCATION have branches in international market as well so once students get the visa for abroad the Consultancy will help to find the part time jobs and full time jobs. Not only that we will help them to shift next country for the another level of study. CCI EDUCATION helps students to choose right program and course to study in right country. Initially our consultancy tries to understand student’s perspective in which country they are willing to study and what are his/her background. Understanding their background we suggest them with proper guidance.
CCI EDUCATION will help to find the best and best environment based university/college in various countries.
CCI EDUCATION will help to get the financial loan and other related support in Nepal, India, Dubai & Australia.
CCI EDUCATION wilfully support to renew visa and get PR in various countres : AUSTRALIA USA UAE CANADA UK
CCI EDUCATION have own accommodation in various countries:UAE, Australia, Canada and UK. We will provide the location based accommodation for the students. They can book before flying from your country.
CCI group of companies has own Travel agency in Nepal. So for the flight tickets and other assessment will be provided to every countries students.